Kyrie Eleison
Carved — Kyrie Eleison
Release date : Oct. 28, 2016
Label : Revalve Records
  1. Viaticum
  2. Malice Striker
  3. Lilith
  4. The Burning Joke
  5. Heart Of Gaia
  6. Swamp
  7. The Dividing Line
  8. Absence
  9. Faith
  10. The Hidden Ones
  11. Camlann
  12. The Bad Touch (Bonus Track)


“Kyrie Eleison” born in the end of 2015, second full-length album that concludes the narrative cycle started in the first work.
Album entirely recorded, produced, mixed and mastered in Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni and Simone Bertozzi, and finally turned into images by the visionary arts of Simone Bertozzi; with very special guests of Marco Mantovani in the sound engineering of the orchestra and the exclusive violins of Federico Mecozzi, violinist of Mr Ludovico Einaudi.
Album Storyboard:
This is the story of a world in stasis, the world of those who from victims become executioners and, because of that, only crave deliverance. It’s the journey of those who face the inevitability of Fate, of those who face the mythological figures of their existence, of those who are lost in their defeat. It’s the path of those who face their Faith in order to define their own Free Will.

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