Years active 2007-present

Nationality – Italian

Genre – Symphonic Melodic Death Metal

Label – Revalve Records

Demo Produced – 2010 Carved

Album Products – 2013 Dies Irae – 2016 Kyrie Eleison – 2019 Thanatos

Concerts performed – 52

Very Important Gigs:

July 07th 2019 Opening act at Rock the Castle with Slayer,Gojira,Phil Anselmo,Overkill

March 02th-03th 2018 Official Support Band of Eluveite in Moscow and St. Petersburg

June 23th 2014 – April 23th 2016 Opening act of Death to All in Pisa and Pordenone

May 2014 Tour in Latvia/Estonia

May 06th 2014 Official Support Band of Amon Amarth in Bologna

April 19th 2014 Metalcamp Sicily With Vaders

October 31th 2013 Official Support Band of Moonspell in Kiev

October-November 2013 Tour in Ukraine

May 2013 Tour in Czech Republic


Carved were born in 2007, when the Apuan quintet began to forge their first memories, sculpting their way in a path of emotions and hard work.

After the first demo Carved (2007) they signed for Bakerteam Records and recorded Dies Irae (2013) with an intense live activity along Italy, and others country like Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Czech Republic; sharing stages with icons like Amon Amarth, Death to All, Moonspell, Vader and others.

With the second full-lenght Kyrie Eleison (2016) the band signed a deal with Revalve Records, and then also with the last effort Thanatos (2019); by an intense live promotion that reach the highest experiences on stage, going to Russia, as official support to Eluveitie in their gigs in Moscow and Saint Petersburg in 2018, and having the honor to open the third day of the 2019 edition of the Rock The Castle festival with Slayer as headliner.

The released records enjoy very special guests as Federico mecozzi, first violin of Ludovico Einaudi; Marco Mantovani on the piano and at the care of the orchestras designed and written by guitarist Damn Terzoni; last but not least the excellent productions by Domination Studio of Simone Mularoni and Simone Bertozzi.

Thanatos see the presence of incredible guests such as Roberto Tiranti, Marco Pastorino, Sara Squadrani, Michele Guaitoli, Anna Giusto, Claudio Coassin and Gabriele Gozzi, making a real choral concept album in this latest effort.


Cristian – Vocals

Alessio – Guitars

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